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Bit of a heads up, there is a typo that I and have no idea how to fix it, please fuckin' help.
A̴̷̩̬͍ͫ́̽̄̐͊ͤ̚ ̛̹̠̜̪̮̞͋̈́ͤ͜ͅn͇͓̱̺̳̲͕̣ͩ̽̉͗͂̊͊͜͠͠ǐ̙̳̝̰͔̦̘̆͗ͮ̄ͧ͞g̃̇ͨͬ̒̿̕҉͙̝̤̩̲͖̖h̷̬̿͑̈ͥt̷̡̞̙̩̥̳̙̻̣̊͋ͪ͊͋̀m̴͉̙̈́̾̾ͣ͘ä̺̺͚̤͈͓̬̽r̢͎̭̤ͭ͂̅̈̋ͥ̾͗e̫̰̝̳ͯͪ ͉͖̻̠̜̂ͦ͌ͮͣ̄̀ṭ͙̥̰̻͖̭͍̈ͫ͆̚o͖̱̮͈̣̹̻̮͎̿͌ͯ̔̀ͬ͗̐̓ ̷̺̦ͣ́̊̏͛ͤ̊́̽͢a̶̵͕̗̮̝͕̹̺̔̾ͤ̉̃̿̎͜l̤̼̝̗͓̠̻̇ͧͥ̿̚lͬ̆ͩ̿́̿̿͏̵̧̰̲͕̤

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Denis lives a normal and happy life... aside from his habits of talking to him self... People will often catch him in the act saying "what the hell are you doing you psycho". Denis has also mastered Five Finger Fillet, quickly and impressively, well, that's what his friends think about it, his family are worried about him. There is a reason for all this, after getting shot and almost burned, he slowly descended into madness... Denis stays sane by staying close to his friend Jeff(not the killer) and his girlfriend Jane(also, not the killer). He often reads news stories about some guy that shares the same name as his close friend, Jeff, has been going around killing people.  This is the story of the last of his descent into madness.

Denis sees Jeff as he walks to school."Hey Jeff!" Denis yells. Jeff responds with,"You've got some nerves asshole! Making me wait out here while it's ass cold!" "Hey man, I ain't making you stand out here" Denis replied "You brought this upon yourself" "Screw you, Dude" Jeff said. Denis chuckles. "What are you two talking about?" Jane asks as she approaches them. Jeff says,"About how much of an asshole your boyfriend is." "If I'm an asshole, you're a jackass." Denis retaliates. Jeff responds sarcastically," Sheesh, you're one hell of a best friend" Jane chuckles. "What's so funny?" Jeff asks."Oh nothing"Jane responds. Jeff releases a sigh of anguish.

A few hours later
At the park

Denis is playing five finger fillet. "He's gonna mess up." Bruce says "Twenty bucks says he won't" Jeff Tells Bruce. "One hundred says he will" Bruce responds. "You're on" Jeff replied. Denis finishes flawlessly. Jeff says snidely"pay up big guy" Bruce pays the one hundred dollars. "Thank you" Jeff says. "Denis, here are the fifty bucks I owe you." "Thanks" Denis says. "No problem" Jeff says

A few minutes later

Denis walks through the door to his sister griping at him. "Where the fuck have you been?" Lisa asks. "Hey sis" Denis responds,"I've been at the park" "Oh my god, have you been playing the damn knife game?" Lisa questions "Yeah..." Denis says. "Stop bothering him, sis. Guy's got talent." Jackson says as he walks down the stairs. "Thanks bro." Denis says. "What the fuck do you know you damn stoner?" Lisa asks. Jackson responds, "Damn well more than you" "By the way, where's mom and dad." Denis asks. "out on a date, as usual" Jackson says. "Speaking off, I have a date." Lisa says. "Damn, another one? Ain't this your sixth one this week?" Denis says. Jackson chuckles. Lisa says,"What ever, I have to go, J's waiting" "who the hell is J?" Denis asks. "My date dumbass!" Lisa exclaims.
"Alright, have fun" Jackson says. "Oh trust me, I will" Lisa says as she leaves, slamming the door behind her. "Bitch." Jackson says. "Damn right" Denis agrees.

A few hours later

Denis gets a phone call. Denis says, "What the hell do you want Jeff?" As he answers the call... "WHAT?!"

A few seconds later

Denis kicks Jackson's door open and says, "we need to go to the motel that Lisa always go to" "why?" Jackson asks. "Lisa's dead!!!" "Oh fuck" Jackson responds

A few minutes later

Denis and Jackson approach the body. "Someone really killed Lisa..." Jackson says. Denis falls to his knees and yells, "YOU... BASTARD!!!!!!"

A few months later

"I have all my fingers. The knife goes chop chop chop. If I hit the spaces in between, my fingers will come off" Denis sings as he plays five finger fillet. Denis suddenly stabs the plank of wood he was playing on and leaves the knife in the plank. Denis holds his head in pain and says, "oh god oh god oh god" he gets the urge to take the lives of his own family. He refuses. He puts on a black hoodie, black sweat pants, black shoes, and black gloves to blend into the dark of night. He puts on a breathing mask and pulls his hood over his head and writes a note that says "don't try to find me" and carves "PSYCHO" into his wall before jumping through the window and disappearing into the night hunting for the person that killed his sister. His parents found the note and the scratched word in what used to be Denis's room and called the police. The case was dropped a month later and Denis was never from... again...
A̴̷̩̬͍ͫ́̽̄̐͊ͤ̚ ̛̹̠̜̪̮̞͋̈́ͤ͜ͅn͇͓̱̺̳̲͕̣ͩ̽̉͗͂̊͊͜͠͠ǐ̙̳̝̰͔̦̘̆͗ͮ̄ͧ͞g̃̇ͨͬ̒̿̕҉͙̝̤̩̲͖̖h̷̬̿͑̈ͥt̷̡̞̙̩̥̳̙̻̣̊͋ͪ͊͋̀m̴͉̙̈́̾̾ͣ͘ä̺̺͚̤͈͓̬̽r̢͎̭̤ͭ͂̅̈̋ͥ̾͗e̫̰̝̳ͯͪ ͉͖̻̠̜̂ͦ͌ͮͣ̄̀ṭ͙̥̰̻͖̭͍̈ͫ͆̚o͖̱̮͈̣̹̻̮͎̿͌ͯ̔̀ͬ͗̐̓ ̷̺̦ͣ́̊̏͛ͤ̊́̽͢a̶̵͕̗̮̝͕̹̺̔̾ͤ̉̃̿̎͜l̤̼̝̗͓̠̻̇ͧͥ̿̚lͬ̆ͩ̿́̿̿͏̵̧̰̲͕̤
Leroy (W.I.P)
I know, one arms thinner than the other, there's to much line residue from erasing, I ain't had that much practice, okay? I'm trying my damndest here, at least give me credit where credit is due like it ain't vore art or inflation art, to a big breasted girl that's French kissing sonic.


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